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so i've got a profile on an internet dating / networking site and got the following message through the other day,

First, I want to say sorry if my message can be problem for you. But i write to you, and want to see reply for
my message.I am from Russia and I new in this internet thinks, and i want to say sorry if i do some think wrong.
I interesting in you profile, and if you are realy soo nice I want know you better. If you think soo we are can
talk in email.My private mail adress is ***********
I will wait you mail to my private mail box. I promisse i ask you for all your questions, and we can know each
other better. Oksana

now at first i thought it was dodgy and was just going to delete it, as the girls profile had sweet fa on it, not even a copied photo then i thought, well the least i could do was help the girl out and correct her english (yes mine isn't great before anyone says anything :incheek: ) then i wondered how far you could take it back and forth before they get you to sign up to another website / send cash / pay for their sick relative etc...

anyone remember the scam guys who would send photos of themselves doing stupid things to try and prove they where real???
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