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It's finally happened...

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not quite how i imagined but the story goes something like this....

called in at a local "big wheel shop" as i wanted a pair of 4mm spacers for the front of my T25 as i am havin clearance issues as i have fitted RS8's(wotever ya call em) 18x8's on,so i pull up in the van in front of the shop and wanders in straight up to the counter and asked if they had any,"no but i can get you some for wednesday" came the answer from the over enthusiastic young man from behind the counter,"does'nt matter"i replied,"well what are they for" he asked so i nodded to the van out the front,he looked and went into a big wheel orgasm "they look awsome" "my mate wants 18's on his saxo" blah blah blah......

so after 10 minutes of high performance,big wheeled chavness he turns and asked if i am doin any performance upgrades to the van to which i replied "not sure yet" towhich he replied "youv'e got to,why dont you put a porsche engine in they go straight in".........

I climbed into my van and drove of without another word.....
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:D :D So a porsche engine DOSENT fit straight in :tick:
Rob Whitaker said:
I climbed into my van and drove of without another word.....

You know, I think Brizey has a lot to answer for as he hasn't exactly dispelled the myth with that square of his, has he? :D:D:D:D
Opportunity missed there, you should have educated him and saved him from a lifetime of chavdom
Fantastic :lol:

You want to try going near ANY car parts emporium in a Corsa, like I have to do... "Special offer on corsa bodykits this week mate wikkid geez or big zorst for it straight on mate K&N mate well faster innit like whaddaya mean you're keeping the steelies?!"

Hmm. :lol:
lmao its funny had a simular thing happen to me. i was workin on my baja a few months ago and my next door neigh is a chav he had all his mates around. and thy were like look at the rust bucket (it is though but petrfect workin order. next thing i see in one of them turn up in a crazy bodied fiesta revin the fcuk out of it and so on. so as i do i started mine take in mine its a 1600 with dual canons on, and they nearly cried. they were all over and was like tht sounds fat or is it phat lol.
but they do... open the sliding door and get a strong mate to give you a hand... loadsaroom, innit :incheek:
but a porsche engine does go straight in :tick:

its when people say it about beetles you know full well it doesnt

but its commom knowledge that a porsche engine goes in an rear engined dub :tick:
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