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Jacking Points

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many moons ago when i was a little bit knowledgeable (i still no practically nothing) i jacked up my good ol' bug on the jacking points. what a mistake. due to rotted heater channels it created alot of damage as you can imaging :D

can i just cut the bastads off?

or is an MOT thingy. id make it look pretty...i swear :crazy:
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Yes, presuming you mean removing the jacking points and not the heater channels! The jacking points themselves are not an MOT requirment, as long as the heater channel/floor that is left behind is solid. They can be quite handy though if you've got a low bug - I resorted to carrying some short planks of wood with me to drive the front wheels onto in the event of a puncture - otherwise i couldn't get a bottle jack underneath the front beam.
are you positive?

i dont wana get screwed over when it come to MOT time!

the jack ive got will be ok. it goes down to more or less flat! :D

f*cking jacking points!
I don't have jacking points and my car goes through the MOT no problem each year.
Ditto, you doin't need jacking points for the MOT :D
sweet cheers guys

the things r crap anyways :D
I always cut mine off, never use them, never be tempted to use them.
Its not a MOT thing and they are one hell of a water/dirt trap, so the car is much better of without them.
Im currently restoring a 71 and they were cut straight off :D
Waste of time :hangloose
bye byeeee jacking points.

do you need bump stops too as mine are rusted off?

hopefully there another pointless bit. i have bigger fish to fry! :D
MowAddict said:
bye byeeee jacking points.

do you need bump stops too as mine are rusted off?

hopefully there another pointless bit. i have bigger fish to fry! :D
Your rubber bump stops have rusted away? :confused:

Bump stops are there for a good reason...
It may seem silly, but VW actually considers the 'bump stops' part of the suspension (springing). They should be thought of, not so much as 'bump stops' but the progressive terminating end of the suspension travel, which the torsion bars cannot produce. So, yes, as Fire Dancer says...
The rear bump stops just bolt onto the rear suspension, so it would be silly not to have them when you can simply bolt on another set. I've got lots hanging about if you need them.
how much do you want for a set dude?mine are non existant and i even had to cut them off!

ive got a set of bugpack coilover shox. there rediculasly hard and unclompressable thats why i was wondering about the bumpstops i dont think itll ever get that far down. i had to jack up the socks to get them on! it took forever! :D
Those shocks sometimes have a bump stop built in. Look for a rubber stop inside the coils.
i couldnt see one but here some piccies for you.


a hole i dug out today..it sux so much arse.

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Might be there for a very good reason but if they are missing its not a fail. The bump stops that is!

Nasty nasty hole
thats nothin compared to some of the other holes i have? i dont wquite get what you mean :crazy: eloborate please
what about if the mounts are gone all together?

mine have been cut off
Well then they are missing arnt they!

And this isnt a reason for rejection/fail!
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