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so.. urm... here I am, I guess. My purpose, or function here is.. to urm... wish these urm people uhh.. urm.. a birthday. yes, that's it.. urm.. a happy birthday...

SP Rasmussen, 21windows (46), cotic (41), ziplegs (39), KennyM (39), Muddy Boots (36), vwmarc (35), spriggit867 (34), cheech (33), veedub1975 (33), VWF G0LF.L1F3-ZN (26), ajchopper (26), billybug (25), moscoworbust (24)

Try not to think of it as erm, urm.. a happy birthday, but more of a.. urm.. joyous day celebrating when you were, urm..born, I guess...

Jefferty Jeff G x
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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