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*kent meet...this thurs*

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you know what im gonna say :D

its that time of the month again guys,

Thursday 5th October 7pm onwards

The Hungry Fox pub
Hempstead Valley shopping centre

everybody welcome....

and while ive got your attention i thought id let you know we are in the process of becoming a 'proper' club and have changed our name to Valley Vee Dubbers (was almost Valley Dubbers til Scott realised having VD as our initials wasnt the best of moves :lol: )

see you there :D :D
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I might not be able to make it this time.

Kent and back in a night might be pushing it. :D
you are excused...but be prepared for a load of 'wish you were here' txts again :p
Not sure if i can make it this time either :(
I'll be there! :D :eek:

Some other time :lol:

I WILL make it down, it's not far from my second home :D
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i wanna go
i think your a bit far away :lol:
ill defo make it this time :lol:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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