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Leaky stinky bus

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My '65 bus leaks petrol when on or going up a hill and the tank is full. I've gone away the last weekend and the smell lasted throughout the weekend, making it an unpleasant experience, as well as obviously a potential fireball.

My guess is that the vented cap is a bit too vented? I parked the bus on a hill facing up, and when I came back a couple of hours later a small pool of petrol had appeared on the road at the right rear corner, which is where the little fuel compartment drain pipe exits.The inside of the filler compartment was dry however.

I replaced the fuel sender a year ago and used a new gasket and that doesn't seem to be leaky, and I have checked all fuel lines but no leaks.

I don't want to fit a cap that seals the tank and causes any problems with venting, and I'm not sure about drilling holes caps or the filler neck. Ultimately it'd be great to have a vented cap that didn't create any leaks or end up stinking the van out for several days.

I'm not certain if a new cap will do the job? Where should I get one from? Or would a cork gasket be okay?

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Had a similar prob years ago. Would fill up then park only to find loads of petrol had leaked out if it wasn't sitting on a flat bit of ground. New cork sorted it
Cool. Sounds like the cork gasket is worth a punt, then fill the tank, park on a hill and see what happens :)
Might also help if we knew what bus it was??? Routemasters don't run on petrol!
"My '65 bus..." = 1965 VW type 2

If you'd prefer, I believe the tank and cap would be the same for any VW type 2 manufactured between 1955 to 1967
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