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ok can someone help me my little red light is flickering (the generator and cooling light) not the gasolene light :crazy: what could that be please :D thankyou thankyou oh ones with knowledge
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what year is the car?

-is it a pre 73?
75 onwards car

or has it a dynamo
laternator with external regulator
alternator with internal regulator
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i give up the, think ill take it a garage
boogiewoogiewoo said:
i give up the, think ill take it a garage
pop it round tomorrow and i will have a look for you:D
cheers rob
Check the fanbelt tension. Open the engine lid (at the back ;) ) and look at the engine, there'll be a belt around it like I've coloured in red.

Press the belt on the side (from left to right, not forwards and backwards) and see how much it deflects. If it's 2cm or less the belt tension is fine, if it deflects by 3cm or more then the fanbelt is a bit loose.
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Once you've checked this, you'll know whether to either adjust the fanbelt, or look elsewhere.

Let us know? :)

If you want to take it to a garage, DON'T just take it any place, get a recommendation from a VW club or someone off here.

judgie seems to know his stuff ;) And he's local
you'll notice i didn't answer,as you said one's with knowledge :D
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