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hi im having a clear out of my beetle bits as dont need them any more or there not viable to keep or put on the car the heavy things can be collected as postedge will probablly kill the cost and smaller items can be posted at buyers disgression need to get rid so no time waisting thanks....

Items for sale

classic aircooled heat exchangers pipes and 2 rubbers
there in good condition for age but heavy in weight so swaped
over for Jtubes instead (heavy) £30 for the lot pm if interested

super beetle disk brake spindles in good condition
this set are in good condition and are for a super beetle with
high tec coil suspension (not bumpy classic torsion bar) these
items are (medium weight) so buyers discression advised on
collection or post (£40 for the 2 verry cheap)

2 pairs of cromb rear arch plates
practically brand new never fitted in good condition
easy to post £15 for a set or £25 for the lot (4 of them)

solex h30/31pict carburettor
this carb was fitted to my car befor i upgraded it so
should work however its been a while so no garentees
£25 good price can be posted at buyers disgression

SOLEX 31 PICT-3 made in germany
had this as spair just incase but was never fitted so dont
know about parts integrity although it looks strong but
may need tinkering again no guarentees £25 can post
at buyers disgression

standerd inlet header pipe for carb
good condition was on engine befor upgraded with first
carburettor so reliable £15 large but may be able to
be posted at buyers disgression

beetle 1974 smoked lense and housing
never fitted or used in new condition rear housing
included £15 can be posted at buyers disgression

1.3 barrels and pistons
these barrels and pistons have been greate never let
me down ever and are in good condition apart from one
barrel which had chipped cooling fins that happened
with a screw driver whilst trying to remove (£30 the lot)
thus low price heavy so unlikley to post

drum brakes with spindles
ust to be on my beetle and roll freely but dont now
theyve been removed pads inside are still good
£20 for the 2 too heavy to post

cromb aircooled fan belt guard
never used and in good condition £10 can be posted

beetle sideskirt silver trim
had to buy a set as one was damaged so figure
theres somone who only needs one like i did
£5 can be posted but verry long and fradgile at ur

4 stud spacers for beetle
these spacers are about 3 inches thick and fit a
4 stud wheel pattern £20 for the 2 can be posted

:) thanks for looking just pm or message me if
ur interested ill put pics up thanks again
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