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hi all

i just found this forum and it looks great. I have a 69 1500 beetle with a starter motor i acquired off a mate of mine, but i havent got the bolts to attach it.

there is one thread coming out of the engine on the bottom left (as you look back at the engine from the rear right wheel) - i guess i need a nut to go on there

But the other bolt for the top right is missing completely.

Anyone have the specifications (length/thread size) of this bolt so i can get a replacement? I read elsewhere on the forum that its some kind of half moon shape?

Also, as this car has been in the garage for 18 years (it was driven in), any suggestions as to any precautions I should take before trying to start the engine again?

Bear in mind that I am not a mechanic and so laymans terms would be appreciated!

Thanks all in advance for you help - I'll be asking a few more questions in the next few weeks I'm sure!

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If you do a search on here you will see a few threads on starting laid up cars. Be aware the search function get some getting used to and you can use * as a wild card.

My quick suggestion on starting it would be.
Disconnect petrol pipe to carb and drain existing fuel - if any
Take out spark pulgs, dribble a little thin oil into the cyl heads
Take off fan belt
Get a big spanner on the crank pully and turn over. If it turns with just your strength on the spanner you are probably OK. If you need an extension I think you are up for removing the engine - something is rusted up.

Next drain the oil and put in fresh.
If you got it to turn over - I would put in a new battery and spin it on the starter for 30 seconds, wait for a minute, run for another 30 seconds, wait agin, run again.
If there were no dodgy noises from the engine put in new plugs, replace fan belt and try starting it, by just dribbling a little fuel into the open carb.
If it fires, replace fuel in tank - connect carb, but put a fuel filter in line - and then try starting normally.
Drive around for a 30 or so miles and then change the oil.

(before driving - make certain you have some brakes :) )
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