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Merged Headers

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Just reading up on them as thinking of getting one,know that they can't be used with a single carb and no heat exchangers but I've also read " a stock style thermostat is not suitable" what does this mean? what have people done to get around this? looked on SSP but can only see stock style thermostats!

Anyone explain?

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I believe you can get heat exchangers for merged headers.

Thermostat........normally remove the old original one and thats it......just make sure the flaps in the fan housing are open.....most people spot weld them open.
Havn't got a scooby bout the thermostat, but I've got mine on with the heat exchangers & the original single carb... just peeps seem to go for J-tubes as they arn't ever going to need heating.
its usual to fit j-tubes with a merged header so as to get the same diameter exhaust throughout and not restrict it with the small bore (29mm i think) of the inner tube of a heat exchanger,
i think if the header is fully merged then it cant run heat exchangers and the j pipe (type bits) pass under the pushrods right where the thermostat would be located.

see the j pipes are close together

ssp list a bugpack merged header that can use heat exchangers so i guess will work with thermostat
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