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MOT Testing My 1959 Bug

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Its nearly MOT time and for once in my aircooled life I don't think I have any rust issues to worry about :eek: BUT i just wanted to double check the MOT law on my ancient car's oddities :D

1) It has no seatbelts and has never had any from new. I'm pretty sure this is still ok but I know the seatbelt laws are toughening up but I assume it still doesn't apply to my '59?

2) Also I have semaphores and indicators but would like to remove the aftermarket indicators and go back to just semaphores (I'm feeling brave :D ) Does Mr.MOT man accept this?

3) Lastly, some clever dick has connected a 12v washer motor to my 6v electrics to power the window washers. Needless to say that the water trickles out and doesn't reach the windcreen :rolleyes: Do ya reckon I could blag my way through this as I never knowingly drive it in the rain? If not how should a 1959's window washers work? Are they air pressure based like a later bugs?

Muchos thankos in advance chaps/chapesses?
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You wont need seatbelts for a pre 65 car.

Dont know about indicators (sorry)

You will need some form of washer jets or some means of getting water to the windscreen (or an opening or no windscreen!) as even if a vehicle never had washers it still needs something for an mot. People use various methods (like a sweezy bottle and some hose etc) , have a search for more info on this. I dont know how they worked when your bug was new though. :)
Just chew the MOT man off round the back, he'll sail it through. :D
But really smullen you should know this stuff by now. As yellow spider said seatbelts not needed semaphores are frowned upon but more than legal on there own. As for the washer try getting an inverter to convert your 6 volts to 12 volts for the washer bottle.

Moby5153 said:
Thanks all. As for you Ianbott you'll be getting a slap when I next see ya :D As I said I was pretty sure about the rules but no point barrelling down to the MOT centre with stuff thats gonna fail. Rather pass first time!
need belts after jan 01 65

semaphores are fine as long as they work

washers must reach the screen
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