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Multi region DVD Help

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How do I get my new lappy to play my region 1 dvds????? Can change the region but only 4 times.

Also just tried to copy the DVD so I could copy it without region and its copy protected any ideas folks.

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To make the dvd drive region free you need to flash the firmware - the software loaded into the microchips in the drive which tell it what region to use. Basiclly you need to know what chipset/who made you drive so you can get the right firmware to flash the driver and remove the region control. Your drive may be in a dell computer or whatever, but it is probably made by some other company. Search on google for dvd region free firmware and you will find loads of info on it. You can get a piece of software which will tell you who made the drive, from this you can get the firmware update and you then need the software to flash the drive.

If you flash it with the wrong firmware it could break it and make it usless, so be careful.

Regarding copying the dvd, do a search for dvd decryptor and dvd shrink. Free and easy to use.
You need to "FIND" a copy of slysoft anydvd. not that I condone copying dvd's of course, Nor would I suggest getting a copy of anydvd via bitorrent :crazy:
Cheers buddy,

think I'll deaf that firmware mlarky don't want to mess up the new lappy already. Will get onto the copying stuff instead.Even though you don't condone it. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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