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Multi regional DVD players

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Does anyone have one, or recommend a make of cheap to reasonable budget?

My player (Pacific) can play some regional 1, but not all. (odd, I know..)

I can play stuff on the media player, but it doesn't substitute a comfy sofa and a big screen.

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Personally, every DVD player I've seen looks the same picture quality so I would just stick to bottom end Toshiba or Sony. Not much help but I'm all Hoegaardened up. :)
got a cambridge audio multi-regional from richer sound bout 2 years ago, cant fault it at all,

just go to a richer sounds and talk to them, good people who know what theyre talking about
^^ What he said. They can unlock most players before you buy.

the nice cheap toshiba's are well worth a punt
everyone in my family has one, except me :D mines a dell ;)
As others have said Richer sounds, they are also very good at sorting things out if there is a problem.
Last person I know who got a DVD player, got it from asda of all places. 20-something quid, multi region. Does everything a DVD player should do. Can't complain.
Make sure you get one with divx, handy to d/l films/ programmes off torrent sites and watch them without converting to dvd first.

You should find someone on there that has already unlocked your DVD player.
You,ll have to search them out but you do it using the remote control and its as easy as eating chips.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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