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Slowly slowly catchy monkey with the restomod door fabrication. Not that I have much choice with 11hr work days and the little one 😂

Progress is progress though and managed to make later Beetle regulators fit. I've sorted the regulator channel mounting on the passengers door and not replicated on the drivers yet but on the drivers I've sorted the re-located winder handle with a new support plate tack welded in. The old plate was trying to make the original 59 regulators work and that failed. Worm cable regulator from 68-73 was the answer but had to lengthen the guide tube so probably will lose an inch or so of the window going fully down. Dems da breaks restomodding ;)

Oh, and the lump of metal by the door handle recess is for the door handle upper retaining bolt. It's all quite tight in there and has taken much head scratching.

261 - 263 of 263 Posts