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Well heres my beetle. Its not shiny now though as that pictures over a year old. Infact come to think of it its now in primer grey except the doors (still waiting to be done). Dont know what colour I want it yet but not orange. Theres too many that colour in huddersfield now ! at least 5 on my last count....... :eek:

I call this my project cos it'll never be finished as that would just be boring :) . Got loads of things I want to do but get stopped by lack of garage( for now) lack of money and every so often lack of enthusiasm.

Well once the cars completely primered then im going to 'try' and rewire it, need a couple more gauges in there, electronic ignitions on the cards and a new exhaust. I have a massive list of what I want to do but it'll get there eventually.

2 major ones are the windscreen leaks all over so ive recently had a few ponds appearing in the footwells and the suspension, or lack of. Drives like sh*t, bounces every where and things rattle off. Usually exhaust nuts and passenger side bootlid screw.

Cant think of much else at the moment. I'll post up some pictures of it in primer as soon as I get some (when the weathers gud)


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