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hello all from sunny New Zealand
just wanted to show you a few pics of my bus i first got when i came here from the uk 2 years ago,
its a 1982 brazilian bus when i first got it i didnt know much about vdubs ( still dont ) and liked it as it looked like a split with all them windows and double cargo doors, so i got it for 1800nz dollars since getting it i have had a few bits welded and a full engine rebuilt and it now owes me about 5500nz was thinking of getting a split front end and seeing if i could get it grafted on ( i know shock horror if i want a split i should just buy one ) but i am moving to australia in jan so i am thinking i wil have to go but if i dont sell was thinking of taking it with me anyway
i painted the logos and stuff on myself not to bad for a first attempt
all the best the first pic is LUCY ( thats the name the mrs gave her :hug: )on top of the crown range higgest tar sealed rd in NZ on her first big outing
well gota go sheep to shag all the best
roger powell NZ

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