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My bus "Daisy"

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Bought this baby of an old guy near me,been sat in his garden for 2 yrs & he & his wife had owned it for 14 years & were pleased to see it go to a good home.He wanted £1500 I offered him £500 & we agreed on £650.She needs front arches,outriggers,a rear corner & some patch work.The 2 litre has an oil leak from the cooler,but over the winter it's coming out for a rebuild.
When i have sussed photobucket I will post more,thank god for some helpful searches on here I am slowing doing this technology thing. :bandit:
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good little project bus... :)

keep the pictures coming for all the piccy pervs!! :incheek: :D
By this stage I had stripped out the original Devon interior to rebuild it due to swollen wood & damage so have took pics off floor & sides after I cleaned it with pre paint.
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how do I make the pics smaller as I wont to post more than 1 pic at a time but they take the whole bloody screen.. :mad:
You should be able to just copy and paste the IMG links straight into the reply box, more than one per reply, without size mattering.

To edit size, click on the edit box above the pic when on the photobucket screen, it will come up with resizing and rotation options.

PaulD, good to have met you mate :)

Ianlea, will this bus be at the next KDC meet? :incheek:
Looks like a good project :D
edit them in Photobucket and reduce them by either 25, 50 or 75% ;)
Thanks 4 the "bucket" info,much appreciated.
Tofufi I have tried to join in on the KDC site but it seems like I'm not in the gang.Would love to come to the nxt meet,think it's oct 8 @ the pub off of Badminton road.Van won't be on the road though as I'm doing job on a budget.

Needs quite a bit of floor & arch repair,due to the dreaded c.s.a. I have limited funds as chuck away money.
Thought I should add "Daisy" is so named as the previous owner hit a cow in Cornwall & smashed up the front panel & pass. door.so the name will stick in there memory.
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I think this one looks a little a little more restorable than the other bay you had that i looked at. Good to see the advice about breaking it didn't go to waste :D
Good luck with the resto buddy and if you need any info give me a call ;)
Willi76 the old blue one I bought for £350 & sold on fleabay foe £600 & this bought Daisy,thanks for all your help & I will be looking for help pulling the engine out to sort out the oil leak. :group:
Have also started posting on KDC.
ianlea73 said:
Willi76 the old blue one I bought for £350 & sold on fleabay foe £600 & this bought Daisy,thanks for all your help & I will be looking for help pulling the engine out to sort out the oil leak. :group:
Have also started posting on KDC.
Coolio but i've stopped posting on there to concentrate on the new club three of us are setting up :D Keep your ears pricked and your eyes peeled and all will be revealed soon enough ;)
Here's a few of my first van I bought for buttons,after a welder & Willi76 from the KDC came & had a look it was decided to break it would be the best option,thats when I saw Daisy,flogged old blue on fleabay & bought her.basically the whole btm 9" where rotten,chassis rails from front to rear & axle tubes where knackered.

so old blue went & Daisy came(not literally).

So now the fun begins,have got to go pick up front arches tomorrow then she's in for cosmetic surgery.
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Really nice. Love the colour. Looks very unmolested too. :) Whatever you do, just don't paint daisys on it! Promise me that please!! :D
No daisies or cow graphics will be anywhere in site,that's a promise!
:D :D
Going to rebuild interior in same melamite wood effect or black & if going for the latter will have yellow & black check interior.Already bought chessboard lino & laminate floor underlay,total cost£55.
Just ply board the back out under the lino and you won't need the underlay :rolleyes: . If you put the underlay down you'll end up with the same shape as the floor ie ribbed which isn't that comfortable to stand or kneel on :)
Daisy is in the bodyshop & looks like this;

over £400 of new panels including:
All outriggers
outer sills
rear corners
front arches
seatbelt mounts
cargo floor
B post panels
rear arch closing panels
door skins
Then a load of patch work plating. :rolleyes:
If that wasn't enough I've took the T4 engine out for a rebuild incl:
All new tins
pushrod tubes & seals
piston ring set & complete gasket set as well as heat exchangers,down tubes & exhaust.
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Daisy meet Daisy

introducing Daisy to Daisy

nice bus keep us up to date with the work
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What a beautiful van,was that a restoration or did you cheat a bit & buy a ready runner?Where is that pic taken that scenery & coast line look somewhere worth a trip when my Daisy is done. :D
Did buy a runner but did a lot of work to get her looking like that.
the photo was taken in Sennen Cove which is approx 2 miles from lands end and our heaven on earth, bin down in daisy twice this year which is 730 mile round trip for us but worth every inch you ought to take your daisy down when shes up and running Cornwall is fantastic in a camper.
all the best
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