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My girl has gone to Uni...

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I knew right from the very moment I met Kayla she was going off to Uni eventually but I am still surprised by how quickly it has come around, almost shocking, been so great. I saw her today for the last time before she hits the road tomorrow morning, I'm happy for her of course :) but still I feel a bit :(
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Ah mate been there done that. Felt like shit. I went upto uni 1st, thenshe followed a year later (same uni), then I graduated and she went back up for a year on her own (300 miles away). But it can work. Just call each other every night and visit (no matter how far away it is) once a month. 5 years later me and my gf are still together (just about some days :incheek: ). :) Head up. :)
Thanks dude, thats our plan but hearing it can work makes me feel even better :)
It really can mate. We were only together for 2 months when I first went away. I found it so incredibly hard not seeing her, but after the first 2 weeks you adapt. She'll probably feel very fragile and out of her depth. So just be a strong rock for her, even though you may feel like shit yourself. Try to avoid arguements on the phone and remain constructive if she trys to moan about how she;s feeling, stuff like 'i know you hate it up there, but i'm so proud of you, you're making a future for both of us, and we'll have so many more opportunities when you graduate'. You know the shit, the usual upbeat approach. Dont let her come home for at least 2 weeks, because if she does she'll ewant to stay, its the 'being cruel to be kind approach', but it does work, then she'll have something to look forward to. Try not to get jeakous of all the new mates she'll meet, it'll all be innocent, but it's importnant for her to find an outlet too. My gf was a legend when I went up, I hated it, but she kept me going. Do the same for your bird. :)

Only my experiences, but hopefully it may help. PM if ever you need to chat etc. :)
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Cool man, you on MSN? :)
How far away is she? I had a girlfriend at uni. I used to visit every weekend and leave after Top Gear on sunday ;)
She's at Chester so a fair old hike mate :)
Ross Chester's not to bad to get to , trains and all that, and the uni is only 15/20min walk from the train station.

I work at chester Uni (porter/ security ) :D when you pop up to see her, you'll have to pop in and say hi . :hangloose Andy
dude dont be upset when she gets back she will have learned how to skin up prperly and she will know every single sexual position known to man :lol: uni girls are the best ;)
fingy said:
...and she will know every single sexual position known to man :lol: uni girls are the best ;)
I hate you Fingy :mad: ( :D )
fifi trixabelle said:
Just think yourself lucky you're in the same country. :(
Awwwww :(
Ross said:
I hate you Fingy :mad: ( :D )
i wonder who shes having her breakfast with today :lol:
fingy said:
i wonder who shes having her breakfast with today :lol:
Thats a bit cruel, haha.

I used to travel 8 hours each way, mid somerset to bangor in north wales. Every 2 weeks. Did that fior a year, got very tiring, but worth it. :) On msn later probably mate. :)
fingy i have my breakfast with girls...

and ross its ok ive seen most guys (its 7girls to 1guy) and really not much there! :hug: love ya babe
fingy said:
uni girls are the best ;)
Come off it Al - you're lucky if you can find a girl who can spell her own name :coffeecup
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