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My wiper problem

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My new 72 bugs wipers dont appear to function.

The wiper unit is dash mounted and has about 5 pins (30,53,53b,31,31b)

But from what i can make out the motor is older (it has four pins, i think its 54, 54d, 30 and 31)

Sorry, i may be slightly innacurate in the numbers as i havent taken the whole units off.

Is there some way i can hook them up to even get one wiper speed to allow me to get around in my bug before i get all my wiring sorted when i have cash???

Sorry to all you electrical gurus if ive missed something really obvious when i searched through all the other posts, and thanks for any help you can give in advance.

I am a complete electrical novice so you may have to spell a few things out for me. I do have common sense and have been trying to work this out with diagrams for a few days but:

1) i dont think my switch and motor combo is covered in any standard wiring diagram

2) My bugs electrics looks like spaggetti junction and half of it seems to be redundant!

Thanks, Jarlath
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Being accurate with the numbers on both the switch and the motor would help, :) but see if this makes sense......
Dude, you are awesome!!! Not only does it work- it parks too!!!! The pints are on me if we ever meet! Cheers, jar with a bug!!
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