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National Finals Thanks....

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Well....not been long back from an awesome weekend at the National Finals...didn't see any racing at all due to the rubbish weather :(, but had an awesome weekend none the less...

Thanks to Abi and Andrew for the use of the caravan....was an brilliant purchase...was soooo nice to be able to sleep (well...lie) in a nice warm bed. And for the awesome curry as well!!

To Prophet for sorting me out with a ticket.

To Polly and Rob for talking me into going...after having a crappy start to the weekend...i'm sooo glad I did come.

To Ed for making me laugh soooo much on Saturday evening...and yes hunni...we were laughing with you...not at you ;) And thanks for the walk...;)

Rod - let me know when you get your roadster....i'm sure I can help you out with bits and bobs...I can strip the panels in less than an hour now ;)

So overall...was an awesome weekend...I think I can safely say it has to have been my best weekend all year!!!! So thanks everyone...you're all amazing :D:D

Oh...Polly and Andrew...can't wait to see the pictures :D
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Shame about the weather and no racing!!! :(

Atleast u made the best of it though........ :D
Hey Julz...

top weekend shame about the weather... but as always we made the best of it..

will have to add up the scores but i still think Ed is the winner..
lol....ed is by far the winner...

gail....how does that go with abi?? :lol:
was cool that you made it, and now your filthed (along with ed) you are more than welcome at any filth meet!

was a top weekend :D
Top Weekend indeed...

despite the weathers best endeavours to fuck it up!


2007 VW Mud Drags FTW!
Team smutt PAH :D filth for the win ;)

was top and the caravan of joy was def the purchase of the year, top work :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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