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We are May Contain Nuts, a four piece punk rock band from Cardiff and we're currently booking a tour to promote our new Album which is out in December 2006. currently booking shows from 15th December till 7th January.

As well as the 100 plus shows we've played at bars, universities and nightclubs around the UK, we've also appeared at the Reading Festival last year and have recently won the Cardiff University Battle Of The Bands 2006. We also appeared at the Cardiff Summer Ball this June alongside acts including Rachel Steven and Bloc Party.

We have just come to the end of a mini UK tour getting our name out there and shifting as many of our "lost at sea" EP in order to raise cash to fund our album - we are recording this October/November and are releasing our first album by ourselves.
We are looking for shows throughout December to promote the new Album and grab a few more fans before our big tour next summer.

"May Contain Nuts' are a five piece punk rock band that formed in early 2002. The combination of weird band members, fart jokes and bizzare punk rock songs (the themes of which include alcohol, al-Qaeda, ghosts, the undead, politics, war and poo) guarantees a unique and entertaining stage show every time!" - www.barflyclub.com

"May Contain Nuts, what can I say boys? Worth waiting for! The maniacal punk band really showed us what we all were all meant to be there for; ENTERTAINMENT! I haven't watched a band as fun as this since I saw Reel Big Fish last year. If you get a chance to see these boys, do! I wish I could explain ... sort of a cross between Madness and Bert the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins (but thoroughly rocked up!)!!" - www.alesserknownrumour.com

"Ferocious winners of the 2006 Offshore Music/LMS Battle of the Bands, one of the most genious groups to come out of Cardiff since the scene single handedly transformed welsh youth into walking haircuts. Imaginative, witty and more political than the Sunday show- they're five people that certainly wont give you cancer [four actually]" - Offshore Studios

We're hoping to book shows all around the UK

If you can help please contact

E-mail. maycontainnutsband at yahoo dot com

Many Thanks
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