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Need ideas for me van....

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I sprayed my late bay in the summer and am already bored of the colour and look. At the moment its stock height, stock wheels and viking roof.

I want to keep the roof and lower it with a nice new set of alloys,

Trouble is other than that im stumped. I want something that really sticks out.

Any fresh ideas out their?
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Got any pics of the van? :tick:
this wheels will stick out...

@18x8.5 $550 with centrecaps each

a standard selection of vw wheels..

dont see many of this type on a bay..

mad paint scheme like...
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Bugsy_Malone 666 said:
a standard selection of vw wheels..
Hmmmmm.... wheel porn.....

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I was gonna lower mine, nice wheels, sunvisor, side step..not a great deal when you have a full poptop i've found.
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