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Need some help/advice from Mr Burrows

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I am involved with a new club that we have started up in Weston Super Mare called Der Blitzen Sphincters.
I would like to ask some advice etc on how I should go about organising a cruise.
I want to sort it so we meet up, probably Gordano services on the M5 and then take the scenic route to sunny Weston and ending up on the sea front at Weston. Possibly parking on the prom or on the beach lawns.
Who am I best to contact with regards to getting this sorted? Ie, the council and the police.
We have had a lot of trouble with chav 's in the past in Weston at the Max Power type 'cruise nights' and want to make sure that we don't get tarred with the same brush. I have tentatively approached the manager of the local Vee Dub dealership about supporting the event.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I'll stick my oar in....

Certainly get in touch with local police, they'll probably have a cruise liason officer that will help you out....

Only other thing is to try and get permission form car park owner for you to gather there..

Hope that helps !
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