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Need to move a Ghia from just north of Bristol to north Bristol - can anyone help?

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Oh did I post this in the wrong section? I'm terribly sorry. ;)

Please someone! I can't afford the silly money the silly unreliable "professionals" round here are charging. I don't need to move move very far either, less than 20 miles.

It'll have weeds growing through it soon or a tree on it if nobody helps me and it'll be all your fault! You wouldn't want that on your concience now would you? :D

Someone must have the facilities and a spare morning or afternoon. I'm sure I could splash a few beer tokens or labour in return. :coffeecup

P.S. Please be kind mods, let me have 10 mins in here, perrrrleeeease. :coffeecup
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*achoo* Sorry, carry on. :)
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