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New Polo Daily Ride Resto !!!

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Just bought a hopeful daily ride barn find MK2 1994 Polo Coupe, took a while to get the car back, bit of welding all normal places, the car was dumped outside so had to save it and stick a set of BBS wheels on it. (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
Here are some pictures sold my daily fiesta to get it as had tyo save it, dont mind rebuilding it while im busing it, got the whole car to build, but as soon as I start welding it will stick on those pictures too, getting mu proirities right and looking for a set of BBS wheels to stick on might as well do it in style, will be using my 56 bug as a daily, which should be fun ;) The whole car cost £500 with another Interior chucked in ;);););););););););)



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Thats not too bad a fail list. I've seen a lot worse on polos. Mine had rotten sills. :(
One of my friends from uni had a pink polo fox estate and it had 5 spoke wheel trims on steel wheels.
I thought those alloys were just an aftermarket addon.
The battery box was a rust spot on mine. Left me with soaked trainers one day driving in the rain.
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Looks like its coming along nicely.
Saw this on pinterest this morning.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate
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