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No clutch arm return spring!!!

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I have driven this bug before I stripped it down and the clutch worked fine. However now turned it into a buggy and I notice the clutch arm on the box that the cable goes into has no spring and is all floppy. Why.
It's a 68 Swing axle bug.
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The springs break, and people remove the broken bits
But it wasn't there. I drove it like that. Plain weird!!
billybob said:
But it wasn't there. I drove it like that. Plain weird!!
It doesn't have to be there to drive it, it will feel normal. The spring ensures clearance between the release bearing and clutch when the cable is correctly adjusted, and also keeps the cable taught in the chassis conduit to stop it rattling, and keeps the clutch pedal firm.
They drive fine with or without or with a broken spring. The pressure plate has more than enough return spring power to push the pedal almost all the way back, the external spring only pushes the release bearing away from the centre of the pressure plate for the last couple of millimeters.
Now I see.
I never knew that.
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