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non vw, but i have to share:D

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i am so so so pleased. long story short. my son has special needs and it's been a struggle to get this sorted since he started school (he's now 10). i took him to see his new school today as he has now been accepted for a place at a special needs school. he went from " :mad: I'M NOT GOING :mad: " at the beginning, to after being shown round and told about the school to "when can i start?! :D "

he starts in 2 weeks and am just so pleased we have finally reached the top of a very steep hill :D it looks to be a brilliant school and ideal to meet his needs :D and the best bit is for the first time ever he wants to go to school
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Great news. Hope he enjoys every moment! :hangloose
awwwwww bless him :D

really pleased with ya news bird :hug:
Thats great news.

I visit a lot of special needs schools as part of my job, and they all seem like really amazing places. The staff I've met have been lovely and really care about the kids.

They also do some great activities, like getting professional artists in occasionally to teach an art class. Then hang all the artwork up in the main foyer.

I really hope he enjoys his time there. They will give him the learning support he needs.

Congrats to your and your son.
That is good news, really pleased to hear that. :hangloose
yay! so cool you got it all sorted! hope to see ya wed x :D
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