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Norton anti virus help please

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Evening :D

I've upgraded my subscription because the old one expired.. oops :lol:,

But I think i've pressed a wrong button somewhere along the line, because now I can't upload my new subscription and when I check my status, it says my subscription is expired still.

Also, I had to uninstal the anti norton before I could upload the new one..I'm not sure how to get it back in order upload my upgrade .. Do I need a disc ??

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hi the cell,did you upgrade b4 expiry date and pay small fee,or have to pay the full amount.did you download the new version?..if it dont work u will have to contact norton support......and stop downloading porn u dirty dirty girl.. :moon:
Evening dickie :D

Nope, I didn't upgrade before it expired.., kept clicking the 'remind me later' button :lol:

Paid the full amount , and I bought another thing.. upload manager for £5.99.. not sure how that happened :crazy:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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