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Moved office this week and inherited an old desk. Found a few very faded old photos in one of the drawers of which this is the only one I've been able to scan an image off

The location is a place in South Yorkshire called Roche Abbey and the photos were taken in summer 1979. On this one you can just make out three bugs. When you look at all of the pictures it is clear that there is some sort of filming happening and it appears to be a fairly big production- lot of people and support vehicles around. From what I can see of the actors/extras get up I'm guessing it's a horror film. This pic has been taken from a huge cherry picker that can be seen in one of the other photo's. I have been able to identify seven different Beetles, all with one thing in common in that they've had their engines removed.

Maybe that's the horror, all bug owners wake up one morning to find that engine eating vampires have sucked the life out of their daily drivers :)

I'd be interested to know what the film is
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