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The arguement has arisen agin at work. The big question is are nuts counted as one of your "5 a day" ?
the world health organisation (WHO) stated 400gms of fruit and veg a day reduces cancers and heart disease etc

this got turned into 'five a day' in the UK

I think the WHO are now saying 600gms.

But 400gms was the original and their site is still the best place to get info. I printed their guidelines in 2002 and have them in my kitchen... not that I stick to them :lol:

So no is the answer because nuts are not fruit or veg.

But some nuts are very good for you... especially if you are a man. If you believe the real out there ideas the shape of the nut dictates what they are good for... as in walnuts are good for your brain etc :D
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