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Off road tyres for std wheels

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Any idea where is the cheapest/best place to look for off road tyres for std 5.5 beetle wheels?
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what about that Auldbus on the West of Scotland club forum?
Kinda thought kwikfit would be too easy.... :D Like a bit of a challenge
didn't Land Rovers have 15" steel wheels as standard?

must be plenty of options for them
Colway do a 195R15 AT or MT. I have the MTs on my Baja - the 195's cost me about £40 each I think.

mytyres.co.uk and look up the 4x4 tyres

195s from £35.80
195/70 £74.20
205/70 from £29.80
205/65 from £40.80
215sfrom £41.90
215/75 from £41.10
215/70 from £31.70
215/65 from £60.10

To be honest, all of the 215s are pushing it a bit for a 5.5" wheel. Some of these are just glorified M&S tyres and might not really be what you want. However, you might be happy with just a Winter tyre anyway.

I've used mytyres before and always been happy with the price and speed of delivery.
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Landrovers had 16 inch wheels and most 15 inch offroad tyres are too wide for stock beetle wheels. I got a set of Suzuki SJ wheels and tyres pretty cheap. All the serious offroaders round here bin the 195R15s and fit huge knobblies so there are plenty of secondhand ones. They fit under the stock wings - anything wider will stick out. Colways are good - and cheap :)
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