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oil leak

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back to the scene after bout 13 years, basically fell in luv with dub on this site, deal done. big grin drivin home soon turned sour when stopped outside garage to open it moved car to b greeted by oil slick on floor. opened engine lid oil every where drippin off inside decklid covered fire wall everywhere oil could get its got. no obvious signs of leak. after a few stella's took spanner in hand, result engine on floor took off all tinware & fanhousing off imside caked with oil & gunge, so as a shot in the dark woz wonderin if any1 out there had any ideas where i shuld start my search 2 shuv a plug
would b greatful for any help
mitey mike :crazy:
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would like 2 thank every1 4 there help u'v bin 2 helpful cheers.....
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