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Or for sale, 24seven Deviant mountain bike, very high spec!

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bit of a feeler this one but i would love to swap this bike for a SOLID bug, sounds silly i know but those of you into biking will know that this bike is worth it as it has very high spec components
for example:
sun rims MTX snow camo 24" wheels on hope pro 2 hubs with Ti spokes thats 250 quid for just the back wheel + another 120 for the front!
has schwalbe tires and Marzocchi 55 forks which are 450+ brand new on chain reaction cycles with a discount!

ill add a picture if there is some good interest going on here

price- in the region of £1400?
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do they really loose that much value? its got £2000 worth of stuff on it :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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