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MOT till july and Tax till end of Febuary.
Borbet alloys*
Same key fits all locks. I have 3 keys cut for it.
Has just under 250k on the clock BUT has less than this, MOT's prove this, last owner said it had less because the odemeter clock was changed, it never bothered me and to be honest I didnt take his word for it but I have just been going through the previous MOT'S and the MOT for 2007 has 80k and the same mileage for the MOT after that.
God knows why he never wound this new clock back to 80k when he replaced the old one!
For the next 3 MOTS the mileage is 248k on the new clock but that didnt work when I got it either! Ive got it working now and has just shy of 250k on the clock.
I would guess it has inbetween 100k and 150k on the van but its the most solid t25 ive seen, underneath and in the footwells etc. This isnt a rot bucket.

Fitted with 1.9 td AAZ engine runs great, had justkamper style intercooler fitted so doesnt over heat. Has small water leak I think I can see where it is coming from and isnt alot, I just top it up every month or so, hasnt gotten worse or cause any problems and I bothered to do anything with it.

Really very reliable, it is my daily driver for 10 miles, and it has been to dorset, devon and north wales brilliantly.
Starts very well, especially in cold, fires up as soon as light has gone out.
On warm starts, it doesnt start as quickly unless its warm day or you have driven a way but always starts 1st time without fail.
The coolant light flash's if the key hasn't been turned one click and left for a few seconds before starting.
If you have waited for a few seconds (even warm starts) It goes out as it should straight away.
I don't know why it does this, the last owner says he changed the coolant sensor but to avail.
This isnt a problem and there is nothing wrong with the coolant system.
Bodys nearly done just one dent small dent to sort out and a bit of tidying around one of the window wiper stems.
Front bumper is crusty or ratty and rear is pretty good. (Borbet alloys)
Tyres are good, wheel are pretty good with a few scuffs.
Lowered 40 mm with receipt for fitting of shocks and springs.
I was told heater matrix is faily new, even if not it works well!
Gearbox was recon and clutch new when engine was but in but have no paper work to prove but all work really well.
Has limited paper work,
Had new oil and filter, fuel filter, suspension, rear bumper, spring washers and undertray bolts. and new rocker cover breather bung.
New horn switch fitted, new fronto/s lower ball joint, new flex brake hoses.
Since ive had since last july Ive has a new frotn windscreen due to crack on old one and welding professionly done around fuel filler cap. (Absolutely no more welding needed.)
I have the MOTS since 2007.

Also have an MOT failure form from 2010 saying front brake pads need replacing and rear exhaust leaking, the last owner said this work was done but he had misplaced the paperwork so I cant prove this apart from the van then past an MOT and an Mot the year after this.
Carpeted in back although run out of carpet for sliding and rear door, I carpeted it and it is not professional.
Has insulation and plywood walls and ceiling and is really warm.
I have wired in a leisure battery on slit charger, an amp, some speakers, 12v sockets and lights etc. All is fused with switchs.
Van also has cd player.
Will go through next mot easy enough im positive the only things are that the handbrake needs tightening, i just leave it in gear when parked at the moment because I havn't got round to it.
And reversing light it tempremetal, you have to push gear knob in certain place for it to stay on, both bulbs work, just havn't sorted it yet.
Thats it!
Also has some some bed foam chucked in the back for full width rock and roll bed.
MPG is pretty good and has a good amount of power compared to the 1.6d engines which was originally in it. Drives well.
Can cruise a 75, but prefers 65.
Fantastic van the reason I am selling it is because I worked in a boat yard where i could use shed for paint and building interior but im losing my job and I am going to change my careers, do a degree and do gardening on the side, I could use this van but I think its a shame and would do someone well for a base vehicle.

A fantastic solid, realible and fun to drive project van.

Please ask any questions, just want to be honest so you no what your looking at.
Have lots more pictures I can email people.

OR swap for a estate, small van or t4 sized medium van or maybe just a car preferably with cash my way. Something faily modern with Mot etc, for use as a everyday vehicle not a project. I might even be interested in a petrol lawn mower in the deal!

Questions and viewings welcome, the van is halfway between Southampton and Bournemouth on the south coast.
Cheers Alex



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Hi can you tell me when the screen was renewed if there was any rot around aperture, also roof gutter where it has been painted?
Is it a turbo engine and when was the cam belt replaced



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Hi Jon,
When I had the bit of welding done around the fuel filler cap, the bodyshop took the rear window out to do a bit of rust around the window. I asked them to take the front out and check it aswell and they said there was a bit of rot that they sorted but I never saw it.
The front windscreen was replaced because a chip that was in the windscreen cracked when they removed it.
There is bit of rust coming through by the front windscreen by the wiper as seen in pictures.

It is a turbo.

And The last owner told me belts were changed with engine put in but no proof.
To be honest I bought it for £2450 last summer, I think I paid too much. My mistake
£2000 is probely too much now I have been looking around the forums.
So considering whoever will by it might want to do belt etc i will accept £1750 which I think is a fair price for solid, realible van.

As for roof gutter, no rot I just pulled trim off and scraped off glue resendue which went to bare metal so I primed it

New price £1750

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Any offers? Might accept a low offer if picked up on Sat morning or Sunday? I ve got my eye on something.....
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