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Slightly odd offer, but as per the 'Back in the day VW/Audi Dealer' thread in General Chat, my Granddad passed away back in April, so me and my brother are clearing his place out.

I was about to bin these, but if anyone wants them for the pics for their garage etc, I would rather they went to use than in the recycling!

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle

Publication Font Wood Advertising Automotive exterior

Publication Font Art Rectangle Paper

Can be collected from Walsall, West Mids or Cardiff, as I am there pretty much every week.

I can post them at your cost if you really want me to!

As I say, totally free, just want them used rather than landfilling/mulching if they are any good to anyone. Feel free to bung something to St.Giles Hospice if you really wanted to, as they were great in has last few weeks.

Any questions ask, but they are basically just out of date calendars 馃槀

First come first served, obviously but if you repeatedly don't collect etc, I am reserving the right to relist them, given that I just want them out the way!

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