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paint prep! body work need advice!

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ok, so im in the proccess of respraying my van. ive had a a new front conversion, new window sills ( bk both sides) and few patches here and ther welded. im now ready to start prepping for spraying but i need advice as to the order i should do this.

in places bare metal is showing, and slight surface rust specs have starting after one day, what shall i use as a rust prevention to put on these patches until im ready for spraying? what shall i do at welds? i know they need filler etc but what doe i need to put anything on the weld before i filler and sand?

i need to get the van to a stage where i can primer it all together as im only have the compressor for 1 day! ne help would be muhcly appreciated! cheers :)
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Until you're ready to paint the whole thing just touch out any bare metal areas with a can of primer. It stops the rust and comes off easily later on.
ok, like a zinc based primer? something with a rust inhibiter? also will i have to resand this before priming with compressor or just flatten it with high grit sand paper? like 800g? cheers for your reply dood :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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