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Painting Alloy wheels

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I have a set of teledials which I want to paint black before fitting to my car and just wanted to know what the best paint to use was? I am planning on getting them coated eventually but just want to paint them to begin with to ensure I like the look before shelling out for that (also Im somewhat broke!) So is there any special types of paint or primers I should use to make sure it stick to the alloy or will regular etch primer followeb by a coat of celulose be ok?

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should be fine just make sure there clean and none of the silicone tyre shine type stuff remains, pannel wipe and scotch pad should do sort it
I got nice results with Hammerite, Smooth Silver, rattle cans, on a set of alloys which were beyond polishing, still looking good after 4 years.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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