Brand new pair of heads.

Approved for unleaded, plain old petrol station fuel! Also safely runs with leaded, aviation, and racing fuels without modification.
39mm Intake Valve 32mm Exhaust valve
48cc No Step Combustion Chambers
Heavy Duty Springs Aircraft Casting Technology from a foundry in Manitowac, Wisconsin
Smoother Port Design for Better Flow Thicker Port Walls & Larger Intake Face
3/4 Inch Reach Spark Plugs More Cooling Fins than the competition
Thicker & Stronger Thicker Combustion Chamber Ceiling
Silicon Brass Valve Guides
Three Angle Valve Job
Machined on CNC-NC Milling Machines 85.5 - 87mm .

Can be delivered or collected, (+20 without insurance ) (+45 with insurance)
Please ask if you have any questions .
Bank transfer or cash. Also take Crypto and Paypal friends.