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I think I've got a virus , my mouse is annoyingly skipping all over the place :mad: I've checked that it's not just a bit of dust and it's ok

My problem is that a friend at work fixed my pc and copied windows xp professional. I am complete and utter numpty when it comes to pc's, our c drive? is full up and everyday I have to do a disk drive clean up, he put another drive on, but everything is downloaded to c ... anyhoo, one of my sons mates got rid of a load of stuff including the anti virus that I had dowloaded AVG I think, am I right in thinking that if you're not 'legal' you can't download a free anti virus (when I done it before I just downloaded it - didn't have to give any info ? )
I'm probably going to get another pc and start from the beginning as it would probably be cheaper than downloading a legal xp ??
In the meantime apart from throwing it out in the garden and then jumping on it, is there anything I can do.
ps thinking of either getting a dell pc or one of the tesco / asda ones, around £400, are they any good ?

I do hate complicated modern technology, bring back the easy 80's :lol:
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