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Photo challenge #416 4th August - 9th August 'Warmth'

Welcome to this years new challenges! Same format as last year as this seemed to be enjoyed by most. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, these are listed below and in the sticky thread. Have a read through, even those of you who have entered before, it's always good to have a refresh.

Feel free to interpret as you wish.
Your entry can be a bit tenuous if you wish. A title may help make it more obvious.

Please try to return to vote if you have entered!


* One entry per person. If you wish to change your entry please edit your original post. Your edit time/date will be considered your entry time/date in the event of a tie-breaker.
* Entries in by Tues Midnight
* Photos for this challenge must be taken this year (i.e. in 2016). This can be checked if necessary.
* 'Photoshopping' is allowed. But nothing too extreme, such as photo montage, etc.
* If your entry is 'not work safe', please link with tags, not [img] tags. Voting: * ...showthread.php?t=1395234"]look at this thread
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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