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At the Herts VW Club tonight...

Some Air cooled

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Some water cooled

yes i know there were more... but i missed the late arrivals!
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juilian is there a new web site for the herts vw club ?

Its still www.hertsvwclub.org ... but we got new forums last summer so you will need to sign up again!
The website declined to show this webpage
HTTP 403
Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in.

What you can try:
Go back to the previous page.

More information

This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that this program was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

thats what im getting each time ?

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Works fine for me... and there are 3 online at the moment...

Are you on AOL? If so, use internet explorer or Fire Fox...
im still getting my van together , tried to do it for this meet , but now have a brakes prob. should get there next time.
did you get that bug together in time for volksworld ?
Yes... Just!

There is a full thread about it on Readers rides on the club website...

See you next time! :)
where do you guys meet?
I was just going to ask the same thing :)
it says ...

We meet at 8pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Royal Oak Pub, in Langley near Hitchin Hertfordshire.

The post code is SG4 7PG. Everyone is welcome - Join us!

its easy to find..and loads of parking!

see you there

www.hertsvwclub.org ;)
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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