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Pict 34-3 adjustment

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Hi All
Got a wedding on sat for my mate which iv'e promised my Karmann ghia. Have been following the carb idle adjustment advice on Rob and Dave's vw page www.vw-resource.com/tune-up.html#idle

When i go to adjust the bypass screw, the big one on the side i cant get it to register much in the RPM wherever it is, other than engine stall when i screw it out to the limits. Now my car cuts out at idle and has difficulty starting when hot. Is there a standar position to set this screw so i can get back to basics. I have set the mix screw to 2.5 turns out.

Im pretty desperate and have not much time, was even considering picking up a new carb from GSF but would these be set up already or would i be in the same position??

Any help much appreciated
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youd have to set up a new one anyway,. normal setting would be 1.5 turns out from screw being right in. have you cleaned out the idle jets, might be worth givin it a go if you still cant sort it
Thankyou, thankyou. Running perfect, partly down to not having plugged the vacuum
hole in the manifold inlet properly. Fealt so good to drive that thing for the first time, bride will be very happy. Only got to put the carpets, door panels, chrome trim, seats, glove box , window scrapers and a few other bits in one day. Least itll get her there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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