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Please can any one HELP

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:hangloose Hi im trying to build out my splitty with camping interior so need some designs but cant use a rnr bed as i dont want to use rear self as part of the bed so please please if any knows a good site or have pics of yours please email [email protected] any help at all would be grate
Kindest Regards Paddy ....... thanks for reading
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I do not have any off hand, but I'm currently trying to purchise a 72 Bay ... and do out the interiour. Type in what you want on Google (www.google.co.uk), and some results should show up.... if not, give me a shout.....

mine is in a style which it sounds like what your after will try to get pics up for you or you can look at it if you want dimensions etc
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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