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please help i ran out of oil! :(

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Please can anyone help? i have had my 1967 vw beetle since i was 16, i stupidly ran out of oil last week! the RAC filled me up and she started ok, he said i prob stopped just in time because he was amazed at how good she sounded. i continued on home.
Now i have this knocking sound in my engine i havenít used it since (2 weeks) my garage reckons i will need a new engine? please if any one has any advice i would much appreciate it, as I have little money.
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Is the noise internal?,Could be the big ends knocking, the only way you will be 100% sure is to strip the engine and have a butchers.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds
bad, think the worst and anything better is a bonus
sounds like ya big ends are gone... i wouldnt start her again till the engine has been stripped... any mechanics in the famil y?
I did a similar thing when i was 19 years old - when I was but a young yeti of moderate hair.

Your main and big-end bearings will have been starved of cooling protective oil and got hot. VERY hot.

Based on the knocking noise I would say they are now damaged.

DO NOT run the engine as this may result in seizure (as in my case all those years ago)....if you are lucky the crank will be OK - this will save you the cost of a regrind or a new crank - and possibly the cost of new con-rods as these often bend when an engine seizes.

At the moment you are looking at the cost of new bearings (30ish pounds) a rebuild gasket set (20ish pounds) plus any other parts for a proper-job rebuild.

You may get mates rates with a mate who can do the build for you.

You may be learning how to DIY build a block soon.!!

It may be cheaper to buy a 'good' second hand engine.

You want to rebuild the current engine if it is the cars factory fitted original so you can keep the car 'original'.
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And don't do it again!
i did the exact same thing comin home from vanfest. :crazy:

turned out it was my big end bearing, which has resulted in many other problems(case wrecked, crank wrecked, cylinders and pistons wrecked) basically one big wreck.

the result for me, a new engine! which isnt entirely a bad thing ;)

but you will have to strip the engine 1st, you could of got away with it! :hangloose
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