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Hi Guys, quick plead, Please sponsor my uncle, Peter Foster

He has reached 50 and is having a midlife crisis, and has decided to run the New York Marathon, having never run anywhere in his life, we can say that this will be a major truimph if he even finishes!

Its all in aid of an excellent Charity ; Weston Spirit:

Weston Spirit was founded in 1988 by Simon Weston. It has provided support and opportunities for over 65,000 educationally and socially excluded young people. There are currently eleven centres across the UK, including Cumbria, Nottingham and Rhyl. In the last year over 10,000 young people contacted Weston Spirit for support.

Click on the link to read more about Peter, and the charity and the challenge!!


Any donation would be appreciated, and i will keep you updated on the progress throughout the marathon, and show you piccys after!

Thanks for reading, and Bigger thanks if you donate.

Spermbank :D
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