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Hiya All,

Right ok here's the list of pocket dragons i have. I f anyone is interested just pm me & i'll give you my details. Im really not sure what to ask for these. The money we get is going towards doing up our bus (she's in bit of a mess) for our wedding. Book price for all these is £500 - £600 sojust make me an offer & we'll go from there :)

Cookie pirate (cookie jar & figure)
Cookies for the queen
Hearts and flowers
Wizard moon
Believe in dragons
Reach for the stars with collectors tin
O dragon tree O dragon tree
Rain rain go away
Glub glub & flippers
Defender of the universe
Im cranky
Terrible trio of terror
Inky splat
Real magic (inc collectors tin)
Im not lissstening
Very quiet
I want it
Handful of love
Royal cookie guard
I said no!
I smell chocolate
Belly button
Big splinter little foot
Band of angels (inc collectors box)
Coffee connoisseurs (inc collectors box)
You get three wishes
Special delivery
Poorly tummy
Pocket dragon collector
Really ive grown
For your birthday

The final 5 piece's do not have boxes but have been wrapped in bubblewrap & looked after.
All collectors pieces have the certificates with them
At least 5 of these pieces cost £60 - £80 (the things a girl will do for her wedding)
Thanks for your interest
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