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Porsche 928 Seat Questions

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Ok, I haven't much experience with Porsche's but have recently seen a 928 porsche with leater, electric seats in a local breakers yard.

I wanted ot see what the possibilities are of being able to put these in my Bay.

The runners seem to be bolted down so it should be quite straight forward.


The seats are fully slid back on their runners so I can only see the front bolts, and being electric & the car having no battery & no key it isn't possible to move them!

So if i go to get these how can i get them out?? - Do the runners actually unbolt from the rear?? or do they just lock in??

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Nobody?? :(
I don't know the answer you require, but maybe you'd have more luck asking some of the Porsche owners on here: Brian Burrows, KS, retrosteve, Bootsy, etc...

Alternatively maybe you could search google or ebay for those seats so that you may perhaps find a pic of the runners?

HTH. :)
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