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Porsche brakes with alternative pcd....

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Anyone done this...having a complete nightmare with mine. I wanted to go to 5 x 108 pcd but im not sure its going to be possible without having custom brake discs made. :eek:

Fronts are pretty much sorted, just have a caliper mount to construct. The rears however are a whole new ball game... the plan was to redrill a 944 hub to the new pcd and use a suitable brake disc. Sadly having been through all the brake discs I can find with 5 x 108, not a single one will fit over the Porka handbrake mechanism.

Then I was thinking I could junk the porsche handbrake system and use some sort of aftermarket setup, but they all use shims behind the pads and a cable across the top to pull them together. I've discovered I cant do this, because of all the special clips that the calipers use (964 C4 2 pot rear calipers) get in the way.

So unless there is a reasonably priced handbrake system that uses a 2nd mechanical caliper to clamp the disc, im pretty much f**ked, and I will have to sell my lovely 18" 10 spoke split(look) rims and the custom 5x108 front discs to someone who isnt using Porsche brakes and try to find myself a set of 7.5" Cup 1's (which is such an easy task anyway!).

Any thoughts, suggestions, or anyone who can be arsed to read my rant appreciated!

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i think

5 series bmw

and the 240 ish volvo's

-use similar internal hand brake

why not drill the pork hub and disc together?
5 series bimmer is wrong pcd I think, and the 240 volvo only has solid discs on the rear which will not work with my calipers...they need vented discs.

The drawings of porka discs I have, there is not metal to drill at 108 pcd, theres barely enough metal for the stock 5 x 130. I will go find some drawings for earlier 944 discs though. Cheers :)
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