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quarter light hinges

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Hi all, I'm new to VW's. Just bought my first, a `73 tin-top import from California.

I bet I'll be asking many questions!

I've just started inspecting it and noticed that two of the quarter lights have rotted bottom hinge (pivots?). Is it possible to replace them and if so, does it involve removing the window rubbers and frames?

Thanks for any advice.

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Slow learner!

OK, so I've worked out that the pivot is a part of the 1/4 light window frame - and expensive to replace!! I suspect it'll not be teh last of my dumb questions.

Is it possible to repair these frames, maybe welding a new pivot onto the otherwise perfectly good chromed frames?

best bet is to pick up a good second hand pair ,easy to remove /fit or second hand frame
I repaired the whole of the bottom frame of one of our quarterlights that included a new pivot with adjustable friction clamp (4 bolt design) and a fabricated bottom frame. It took me ages to do and a lot of massaging to get an average fit. I did it that way because new ones were I was told, unobtainable and I couldn't be bothered to track down a s/h unit that may have been of questionable quality. If I do it next time I will take additional time to create a full jig and dies. BTW The friction pivot works exceptionally well.
As above - but on my Beetle Cabriolet
I took the frames out and completely rebuilt them using the sections cut from tatty second hand frames. I could braze mine together as in the cabriolet they are brass.
After chrome they looked like new
If you want to do a long lasting job that is what I would do again.

Edit - Welcome. And please ask away. In the words of the above member - There are no such things as stupid question s, only unasked ones.
..................Edit - Welcome. And please ask away. In the words of the above member - There are no such things as stupid question s, only unasked ones.
Actually, it was "no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers" but your misquote is just as valid:D
Cool, thanks for the advice.

I've had a cruise around teh net for second hand frames but no luck and £200 a pair new seems a bit harsh!

So I'll be trying a repair then... brazing seems a good option but I'd like to avoid discolouring the chrome as it's in mint condition. I might try an epoxy glue solution if it's strong enough.
Last time I tried to get quarterlight frames for a 1303 the price was similarly steep but they were still unobtainable (I don't know why they keep the advert going??)
I hadn't appreciated that the chrome part of the frame was in need of repair. All my work went into the main frame that retains the rubber.
don`t quote me but i thought bay ones were steel frame with ally uprights and a stainless bit by the catch ,and chrome on the opening window , they would only really rust on the bottom off the frame which is painted steel
On my Bay, the opening part (frame that holds glass) is chromed steel and it's the hinge pin that sticks out the bottom has rotted through and broken leaving just a load of rusty grud in the hole. I'm guessing that over time the chrome has worn off where the frame pivots and the rust has gotten to the steel.

I'm going to check second hand prices via: -

RCC Imports
VW Relics

If none of those guys have them, then I suppose I'm back to the repair option. One of their websites quotes £35 each which is pretty good.
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