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Question about rockers

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Are all 1300-1600 rocker assembles the same. And if using swivel feet adjusters do you need cut to length push rods?
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only 1200s were different (1:1 instead of 1.1:1) and depending on cam choice (lift), you may get away with a small spacer under the shafts rather than resorting to cut-to-lengths but until you assemble it and check the geometry, it'll be hard to tell
Thanks for that, The reason I asked is because I have fitted them to my 1600 and its all too tight, ie I cant set the tappets to 0.006. Also if I swap the rockers from the left head and put them on the right I can get more clearence which made me think that I might have different rockers on either side.
Paul Knight said:
only 1200s were different (1:1 instead of 1.1:1)....
From Nov 72 they should all be the same (1.1:1).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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